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When I first published The Class Ceiling at the end of 2012, I had no idea whether I would get one reader, a hundred readers or, *horrors*, none at all. In fact, The Class Ceiling has found a wonderful following and I am always amazed and absolutely delighted to receive emails from readers and comments on Facebook and Twitter.

Curious as I am, I love to know where my readers live, what they do, what else they are reading, and where they heard of The Class Ceiling. So don’t hold back…this is your page. Please do tell me about yourself, what you thought of The Class Ceiling, and of course, do feel free to put a face to a name and send me a photo!


  1. Jon Beavis says:

    Hi Kerry!!

    Just finished reading The Silent Wife and I so wanted to tell you that I think it is truly AWESOME!!!

    You have captured familial dysfunctionality so perfectly. You have a marvellous, easy to read style and click-clack turn of phrase that make your characters eminently believable.

    Fiction, be damned – I wanted to smack Massimo in the mouth with a stiff upper cut and marry Maggie myself!! (Ha, har!) Not that my wife would subscribe to that, of course, but I’ve got her reading the book and getting her to recommend it as the next essential book club focus.

    You captured the sadness of a tormented marriage with more skill than I’ve ever seen from a great many of the so-called laudable authors. It is, I believe, so hard to escape when no one is listening, or looking out for you. It’s really easy to look in from the outside, but …

    I so loved the book from start to finish. It is a sweeping canvas with so many credible characters and “me-too” moments that I even re-read it over from Chapter 40 the very day I finished it. Yep, it’s that good. Haven’t enjoyed a literary romp quite so much since I last read David Copperfield, The Pickwick Papers and David Nicholls’ masterly masterpiece One Day. Yep, The Silent Wife really is that good.

    You should feel supremely proud of yourself that you have created something so unique and that gives so much pleasure to so many people. And here’s me, a bloke in Chester, gushing over and proud to have read your work.

    I shall now set about your back catalogue and, I’m certain, enjoy each one every bit as much.

    You have such sublime skill and I feel privileged to have been able, as a reader, to share just a small part of it.

    Big up for you and huge respect for the characters you’ve created and the joy you’ve brought to many people’s lives. You’ve shone a candle into so many dark corners.

    Hugz’n huge respect

    Jon Beavis, a confirmed Kerry Fisher Fan!!

    (PS. Pls don’t worry – I am way too old to be(come) a stalker!! This is my honest expression and appreciation of your skill and I simply wanted to say it to you “in person”. I’m 62, married (to the same woman!!) for 40+ years, a grandpop to a gorgeous 2yrs & 4month grandson and a retired marketing man. I simply appreciate honest skill and true endeavour because I do know how hard it is/can be to write an opus!! And lay everything on the line for everybody to love, like, loathe, despise, or simply dump on!! Been there.)

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